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Wall Mount Cat FurnitureCat Furniture that mounts on the wall
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Wall Mount Cat Furniture

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3 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 803)3 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 803)The BIG little cat tree. Ideal for that hard to fit area, and because it is a wall mount, takes up only half the space. Ideal for those cats who like to be "close" but still want to be in command of their "space". This cat tree can be combined with other 3 foot wall mounts or larger models to build your cat a complete playground.
4 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 804)4 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 804)Do you want to know where your cat is 24/7 except when eating or using the litter box? Buy this cat tree. This little four foot wonder not only save you space; it provides your cat with a place to climb, a place to sleep, a place to exercise, a place to play, a place to discover and a place from which to keep track of you. Sale priced for the month of November.
5 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 805)5 Foot Wall Mount (SKU: 805)Uniquely designed space saving cat furniture that easily hangs on the wall and built with the same features and benefits your cat loves in our full sized cat tree. Sale priced for the month of November.
Cat Ramp (SKU: VC-133)Cat Ramp (SKU: VC-133)The cat ramp is the highway interchange on your wall cat playground allowing your cat access to all levels.  It acts as a bridge between various pieces of cat furniture and adds fun and excitement to your cats' experience.  Order today and start enjoying watching your cat climb to new heights.
Corner Cat Bed (SKU: 830)Corner Cat Bed (SKU: 830)The Corner Cat Bed is 26 inches wide by 25.5 inches deep by 6 inches high. It can be mounted anywhere two adjacent walls come together and can be placed at any height - usually, the higher your place it, the more your cat will enjoy it. The unit mounts easily and securely with two hidden mounting brackets that are fastened to studs in the wall. This unit, along with our collection of wall accessories, are ideal for people with limited space for a large cat tree.
Corner Cat House (SKU: 840)Corner Cat House (SKU: 840)A hiding spot your cat is going to love. This corner cat house mounts to the wall anywhere two adjacent walls come together. Made with the same quality workmanship and materials as our larger cat trees, the corner cat house will provide you and your cat years of enjoyment. Dimensions: 22 inches wide x 23.5 inches deep x 18 inches high // perch is 6 inches wide.
Wall Bed (SKU: 820)Wall Bed (SKU: 820)Webster defines a "bed" as a primary place for relaxation and sleep. We are sure your cat will agree once it has experienced our unique pet bed. This 24 inch piece of cat furniture will add pizzazz to the wall scape you build for your cat. Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 13.5 inches deep x 7 inches high // height of sculptured front ranges from 3 inches to 6 inches high
Wall Shelf (SKU: 810)Wall Shelf (SKU: 810)The Wall Shelf is one piece in our accessory grouping that can be used as a connector between the other various pieces. It serves as an integral part in your ability to build a unique wall playground for your cat. Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 9.5 inches deep x 7.5 inches high
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