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TestimonialsCat Cradle for Large Cats
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Designer Cat Pagoda

"Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  I received the Pogoda very promptly, I think by Tues or Wed of the following week.  I have 3 cats that are all under 2 yrs. old.  When I brought it in, my steadfastly curious and smart cat promptly found a hole in the box big enough to climb through.  When I tore the box open, she was sitting on the middle shelf, cleaning herself.  It's been hers ever since.  All 3 of my cats love the pagoda, and I do too!  It's very sturdy and well constructed, and the design is perfect for multiple cats."
Pat - Hagerstown, MD

Versatile Spider Cat Bed

"The spider cat bed arrived today and it is absolutely wonderful!  You should sell it at all the cat shows!  Thanks so much!
Cindy  Frisco, TX

Tropical Thanks

"My daughter is so happy with the Tropical Flower for her two new cats she got from me.  I love the way it is put together, so easy ... we will be getting more from you soon.  Thank you again."

Vivian M.

What is the customer saying:
" ... I picked up the cat trees this morning.  They are GREAT.  Attached are a few quick pictures of my tree so that you can see the color combination.  I will get a few pictures of my sister's tree and send them to you also, when I get to her house.  My cat Bentley, quickly claimed the entire tree and made it his own.  He was on each leaf as they were being put up and he loves the center hole, because he can get inside and stand up.
   I am very impressed with the construction of the entire cat tree.  Very heavy duty and good strong hardware was used.  It was well worth the money.  Thank you again, and I hope to show off my new cat tree, and see if we can get you some further business."

Monica - Michigan

The "Tropical" is a real crowd pleaser

"My kitten, Mei Mei, loves her Tropical Flower and her bed from Great Lakes Cat Furniture!  I would become dizzy if I tried to sum up how many times she is in and out, up and down her Tropical every single day!  And, the naps! Oh, the naps!  It's so beautiful and fun as well!  I love it!  It's been even hard for me to keep my small dog, Monty, off of it at times.  We all are just crazy about it and the bed.  She uses that all the time as well!  You sell top notch furniture, without a doubt."  Connie - Somerville, MA

The Dude & Nigel On Their Custom POD

Custom POD was made taller than normal


"Here is a picture of The Dude and Nigel in the new POD.  They really love it and there's some cat or other occupying it all the time.  The colours are awesome and they're the perfect height to look out the window."

Thanks again.


Cats Enjoying Wall Mount Furniture

Cats on a Wall Shelf and a Wall Bed

"I got the shelf and bed at the International.  The carpeted wall is the only carpet in my house.  The cats love climbing the wall to get on the shelf or in the bed."

Locust Grove, GA



An Impressive Assemblage of Cat Tree Furniture

"Our HUGE order of Great Lakes fantasy cat furniture arrived safe and sound!  We were able to turn a boring Maine Coon cattery into Kitty dreamland! 

Great Lakes did not only patiently work with us to accommodate our little extravagancies, they also were extremely co-operative and helpful with color selection, shipping arrangements, assembly and after care.  This stuff is addictive!!  We are now saving our pennies because we plan to add a piece of their artwork to each and every room of our entire house. 

I have been purchasing Cattery furniture for two decades and have never come across such creativity, sturdiness and craftsmanship.  Who needs pet store bought, poorly made cat trees that land in the garbage after a year of usage?  A large Maine Coon definitely needs a Little Oak or a Sunflower!  What an awesome company to deal with.  Thank you!"

Judy Schulz
Prairiebaby Maine Coon Cats

Another Comfortable Sunflower

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Sunflower.  Our kittens just LOVE it.  It didn't take them long before they made themselves comfortable.  Attached you will find a picture of them.  Unfortunately, the little one doesn't stay still long enough.  She is at the base planning her next attack.  Thanks again and I'm raving to everyone about your wonderful product!"


  Regina and Patrick

A Tropical for "Penny"

"Penny" enjoying her new Tropical Tree
"Thank you very Much for the Beautiful, Amazing, Colorful, FUN Cat Tree!!!!  Not only does our Precious Penny Love it, but when Salvatore and I saw it, we decided immediately that it must not go into the bedroom as originally planned, but right into the living room so all can see it!!  It is that BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  So sturdy and soft and a Disneyland for our one and only Kitty!!   We would like to get rid of all the people furniture and have nothing but your beautiful trees!!!  As I said twice before, It is that BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Thanks again, Sincerely Ilsebet, Salvatore, and Penny!!!!!"

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Custom Black-Eyed Susan

"Didn't take long to get use to this!"
As for your workmanship:  I am truly happy and I am totally blown away by the amazing piece of art in my living room!  When I first found your website and saw your cat perches, I thought I was being a bit frivolous even considering purchasing such a costly item for my three cats.  However, after perusing several different cat tree sites and pet stores as well, I realized that the cost of your pieces wasn't really that much higher than others I have seen, but yours were so much more unique. 

When I received the piece and saw not only how great it looked but how well made it was, I was so excited about getting the ugly old perch out of the way and replacing it with a work of art.  The construction is incredible.  Rarely do you find something constructed with a great deal of thought, care, and concern for the welfare of our kitties! 

Each piece is padded and flexible enough for our oldest and our most recent addition, with everything not just fitting perfectly together, but also knowing that it each piece can be replaced with a turn of a screw is better yet!

And a work of art it truly is!   My custom version of your black-eyed Susan looks great in my house- with no desire to bury it when company comes!  Your customer service is the best- I was treated as well as a neighbor or friend, certainly different than our New Jersey pet stores!  I can't help expressing what a great produce I just purchased, how much my cats took to it immediately, and how happy I am to have done business with you. Please feel free to use the attached pictures as needed.


Sue - East Windson, NJ

Tropical Contentment

Hi Tom, as you can see Ollie (3 yr old) and Wiley, kitten LOVE their new tree! We are loving it too, so fun to watch them play! I have more pictures, so hard to decide what to send! Good job with your product! Ayn

"The Winterfrost Oriental Shorthairs LOVE the new cat tree!  They helped me put it together and were immediately all over the tree.  Several are camped out on the leaves and some like the cubby holes inside.  Vert attractive tree and I can't believe how well built it is.  Truly a quality piece of art that is also functional!  The cats give it Five Thumbs Up!"

Regards, Valerie    Winterfrost Oriental Shorthairs

"Just wanted to let you know we've had the Jack-n-Beanstalk put together for about a week and my cats LOVE it!  I have three of them and there is almost always at least one of them on it.  The only problem we had was when we were putting it together - it was difficult to keep them off of it so we could finish. :)  Thanks for designing such a perfect cat tree!"

Amanda - Youngstown, OH 

"The Big Oak"

"We have two cats adn they just love their Great Lakes cat furniture.  They are only a year old and are very playful so having the "Big Oak" is a great way for them to play together.  They are full of energy, chase each other up and down and all through the tree.  I am extremely impressed with how sturdy your designs are!  They also spend much of their down time napping on the tree.  The cats also like their "Sunflower" a lot, they will actually play hide and seek with each other and paw at each other through the openings.  They have a great time playing on their furniture and our family has a great time watching them.  The quality far surpassed my expectations and I would recommend Great Lakes Cat Furniture to everyone."

Kim ~ Cedar Springs, MI

The Big Oak

"This was our first of now three cat posts that we purchased from Great Lakes Cat Furniture.  We were so impressed with the quality and design that we had two more made up for our other rooms.  I have always had cats and their cat posts are superior to any I have ever had.  My mother runs a boarding house for cats and she is now also the proud owner of one.  We have since had another of our cat owner friends purchase one and his son saw it and he also purchased one.  Maybe we should be on commission.  They are great fun and we can't thank the guys enough for all the thought and creativitiy they put into their designs."

   Nan & John D - Grand Rapids

"Satisfied Customers" on the Cactus Flower

"Thanks, guys.  Our three cats are big guys, they knock over many different cat trees because of their weight and energy.  Your cat tree is sturdy enough for the three of them to play on and not knock over.  Thanks again.  I also am e-mailing a photo of the three using the cat tree."

   Jen - Grand Rapids

     "I just wanted to let you know how much my cats, Bob and Millie, love the cat tree you made for them.  Five minutes after it was delivered Millie was playing on it.  Bob is a little more timid so it took him a day and a half to use it.  But there is no stopping him now.  He is up there every day playing or napping.   For two or three years I have wanted to get a tree for them but thought it would take up too much space in my small house.  The one you made fits perfectly and looks great also".

     Madeline - Grand Rapids, MI

"We bought a cat tree last year at the Crown Plaza cat show and are very happy with your product.  Our cats immediately took a liking to it and now spend the majority of the day climbing, playing and resting on the tree.  Also really please with the quality of the material used and workmanship because it's not showing any wear.  Thanks for a great product"
  Tom - Jenison MI

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