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3 Foot Wall Mount
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3 Foot Wall Mount

3 Foot Wall Mount
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Our Wall Mount cat furniture is designed to easily attach to your wall, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and provides a world of fun and security to your cat.

This unique hand made cat furniture is manufactured in the U.S. and built of the same high quality materials, and to the same standards as our original cat trees. It is unique in the realm of pet furniture. From the contoured thermal lined leaves, to the thermal padded top, your cat will find a world of entertainment, comfort and security all in one unit.

The three foot Wall Mount could be called a "kitty tree" because of its size. It comes with three leaves and if you were to hang cat toys off the ends of the leaves you would tweak your cats' curiosity and provide them with hours of entertainment. You have your choice of a right hand rise, or a left hand rise. With a right hand rise, the bottom leaf will be positioned near the bottom on the left hand side of the trunk when looking at the tree; there will be one center leaf; and the third leaf is positioned toward the top on the right side of the trunk - your cat will climb from left to right. On the tree with a left hand rise the bottom leaf will be positioned on the right side of the trunk while looking at the tree; there will be one center leaf; and the third leaf is positioned toward the top on the left side - your cat will climb from right to left.

If limited space kept you from buying a full featured cat tree in the past then our Wall Mount Cat Furniture is your answer. This furniture takes up less space than conventional cat trees, yet provides all the features and benefits of our full sized trees. This unit is easily mounted to your wall simply by securing the mounting block according to the easy to follow instructions and then securing the bottom of the tree with a single screw. This is so easy your cat is going to want to help.

Tree Type: Medium Cat Tree
Number of leaves: 3
Height: 36"
Width: 41"
Trunk Diameter: 12"
Weight: 40 lbs

Standard Color Choices:
Trunk: Black Leaves: Pink Leaf Stem: Purple Top: Purple
Trunk: Brown Leaves: Brown tweed Leaf Stem: Dark Green Top: Brown tweed
Optional Color Choices:
We can produce the wall mount in any carpet color you see on any of our trees. Contact us for detail.

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