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The Spider Flower - Pink/Purple
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The Spider Flower - Pink/Purple

The Spider Flower - Pink/Purple
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The Spider is a unique piece of Cat Furniture that is small enough to fit anywhere and still be the focalpoint of your cat’s activity. The unit is reversible, and regardless of which way you have it setting, the center area is padded and lined with our special thermal liner for added cat comfort. Cats love to crawl between the petals to get under the flower where they can discover a secret space for rest and relaxation, or to do some heavy thinking like “what am I going to do next?”. This piece of Cat Furniture is ideal for older cats who may not like to climb as much as they use to, or for the smallest of kittens who are just starting to discover the world. On one side there are six 6”x 6” petals, and on the opposite side there are six 6” x 12” petals. So by reversing the Spider you give your cat varying sized play area under the unit. The level of cat activity under the flower will tell you which way your cat prefers to have it sitting, but you will always have the option to turn it over for a little different “look and feel”. The unit is shipped in a single box and comes fully assembled.

Tree Type: Cat Tree - Small
Approximate Height: 16" (1ft 4in)
Approximate Width: 27"
Weight: 25 lbs actual - shipping uses a dimensional weight of 75 lbs.

Colors of the Spider Flower:
Inside flower: Black

Petals: Light Purple outside/Hot Pink inside

Base: 27”


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