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Medium Cat Trees to 66"
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2 Cat Cradles with Large Pagoda Cat House2 Cat Cradles with Large Pagoda Cat HouseA natural wood cat scratching post along with a scratching pad built on an incline gives your cat a choice of scratching surfaces.  The 2 cat cradles will become favorite spots because the cradles snuggle your cat giving it support and a sense of security - so whether your cat is simply resting with an eye on what's happening around it, or taking seriously it's well deserved 'nap time', this large pagoda cat tree will add delight and color to your home.
54" Cat Tree with bed and 2 cradles54" Cat Tree with bed and 2 cradles54" cat tree that includes two cat cradles and one cat bed on top of a sisal scratching post. You can choose from any of 7 different colors. This cat tree normally ships within 5 business days and there is no added cost for shipping.
54" Cat Tree with bed cradle and condo54" Cat Tree with bed cradle and condoThe perfect cat tree combination for your home. This unit stands 54" tall and contains one cat bed, one cat cradle and a cat condo for those times you cat wants some 'private time'. One of the posts is also wrapped in sisal providing an approved cat scratching post that will save your fine furniture. Choice of color. Pamper your pet by ordering this cat tree today!
54" Cat Tree with bed tunnel and cradle54" Cat Tree with bed tunnel and cradleThree pieces of cat furniture in one unit. This 54" cat tree has a cat bed, a cat cradle and a cat tunnel. One of the supporting posts is partially wrapped in sisal providing an approved cat scratching post. This cat tree includes 3 climbing levels to burn some of that excess energy that builds up in your cat when your not home. Choice of 7 different colors. Ships within five business days.
66" 4 Tier - 2 beds, 1 cradle and 1 tunnel66" 4 Tier - 2 beds, 1 cradle and 1 tunnel65" cat tree with cat beds, a cat cradle and a cat tunnel. Also included is a sisal wrapped cat scratching post giving your cat an approved scratching area. This is a unit that truly offers great value.
66" 4 Tier 2 Cradle-Bed-Condo66" 4 Tier 2 Cradle-Bed-Condo66" Cat Tree with 2 cat cradles, a cat bed and a cat condo. Whose to say your cat won't be 'living large'? The 24" square base provides stability for the entire unit. If your cat has a favorite color ... chances are we have it because you can order this cat tree in any of 7 different colors. Price includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.
66" 5 Levels66" 5 Levels66" 5 level cat tower with 2 cat beds, a cat tunnel and a cat condo. This truly is a cats' playground that will keep your cat entertained for hours. Comes in your choice of 7 colors and the price includes delivery right to your door in the continental U.S.
Cat Climbing TreeCat Climbing TreeA modern clean looking cat climbing tree that comes in your choice of 4 different sizes with varing number of shelves.  The shelves are big enough for the larger breed of cat and the shelf spacing allows an easy climb for cats of any age.  You can order this unit unfinished, or choose one of five different finishes.
Cat Games - Triple Cat TunnelCat Games - Triple Cat TunnelThe perfect cat tree to interact with your cat so you can play cat games.  Three offset cat tunnels provide a world of fun allowing your cat to climb, stretch,  dart in and out, or find a place to rest.  The unit is only 44 inches tall and is mounted on a square base to make it stable during aggressive play.  Choose a color that matches your home decor and complete the purchase - the unit will be shipped within three business days.
Cat Tree with Double Bed and Double CradleCat Tree with Double Bed and Double CradleThis cat tree is the perfect size for your growing cat family. 66" tall, with two cat beds and 2 cat cradles. One of the posts is wrapped in sisal providing an approved scratching area. Your choice of seven different colors, and the price includes delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.
Corner Cat TreeCorner Cat TreeFresh modern looking corner cat tree that is built 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, on a 24 inch square base for stability.  This clean looking piece of cat furniture can be ordered in Oak, Walnut, Burgundy, White, Black, or unfinished so you can make it whatever color is best for you.
Double CradleDouble CradleThis extra large double cat cradle is made with the larger cat breeds in mind.  The two 17" wide by 25" long cradles will snuggle your cat in comfort.  The unit comes with one post wrapped to 39" high in sisal providing the ideal cat scratching post.  There is also a convenient 'pass-through' so your cat can easily get into the top cradle.  Wide base provides excellant stability.  Colors are available - check it out on the description page.
The Black Eyed SusanThe Black Eyed Susan A medium sized Cat Tree that will fit into a corner or up against a wall. Your cat will be entertained for hours, and when tired will find numerous resting places. Designed to allow you cat to get exercise and its just the right size to put in front of an outdoor window to keep your cat entertained.
- Click on "More Info" to see the Sisal Scratcher option.
The Little JackThe Little Jack This uniquely designed Jack-N-Beanstalk cat tower is a colorful cat tree taht provides your cat with the opportunity to climb, stretch, and scratch to his/her hearts' content. And when your cat tires of all the activity, it can turn into a "leaf potato" by enjoying one of the large sculptured padded leaves that will surround your cat with security and warmth while it "re-energizes".
The Little Oak TreeThe Little Oak TreeYou liked what you saw and read about the "Big Oak" but it was just a little too big? Then this may be the right Cat Tree for you and your cat. Built with the same quality materials and workmanship as the "Big Oak", this smaller unit is a real value for the price. It's a great place for your cat to "hang-out" as Cody can attest.  The Eagles Nest top is a popular option.
The SunflowerThe SunflowerExtremely attractive piece of cat furniture that your cat will adapt to in about as long at it takes it to say "meow". Most popular and best selling item because of it's compact size and colorful presentation. Fits into a corner or close to a wall. It has all the features of our larger cat trees. So what are you waiting for? Order today!
- Click on "More Info" to see the Sisal Scratcher option.

Three Tier Flower Cat TreeThree Tier Flower Cat TreeThe 3 Tier Flower Cat Tree stands 55 inches tall and has 3 strategically placed flower cat beds your cat will love to climb.  Each flower bed is 20 inches in diameter with a padded center for comfort.  The flowers are mounted on a wide base for great stability and one of the poles is wrapped with sisal to provide an approved cat scratching post.
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