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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Trees

How do I know my cat will use your Cat Tree?
     Being a naturally curious animal your cat will not be able to stay away.  They must investigate on their own terms however, so don’t force your cat to use the Cat Tree.  Their interest is going to be piqued by having something new in the house, and they can’t help not to investigate.  The material we use is pleasing to the cat so once they experience it they receive a positive reinforcement and will continue their investigation and eventually take “ownership” of the Cat Tree.  

Cat Furniture is expensive, how can I be sure of getting a quality product?
     All our Cat Trees and Cat Products are designed and built by Cat lovers using only the highest quality materials throughout.  Many products have some unique built-in features such as: Leaves that are attached with a special brackets that allow “flex” when the cat climbs or jumps on the tree.  This “flex” takes the shock away from both the cat’s joints and back extending the youthful life of your cat.  This feature also allows older cats to get more use out of the Cat Tree.  Many platforms and leaves on the 'flowered trees" have an extra layer of padding that acts as a “thermal” layer to retain the cat’s body heat making the area more comfortable for all cats.  The extra wide base on all our Cat Trees prevent tipping under normal use.

 Is there a “right” Cat Tree for my cat(s)?
     You can usually match the Cat Tree design to the personality and activity level of your cat.  If your cat likes to sleep or play in enclosed areas you best select a Cat Tree that has openings in the trunk or cubbies in the design.  If your cat scratches vertically you may want to consider adding a sisal scratching pad to the back of a tree, or to make sure at least one post is wrapped in sisal.  If your cat likes to snuggle in small objects or curls up in the corner of a favorite piece of furniture you need a Cat Tree with “sculptured” leaves and a top platform large enough to allow for this cat inactivity.  And of course, if you have multiple cats, be sure to pick one of our larger trees that will accommodate different personalities and activity levels in a single unit. 

     To help you decide what tree design is best for your cat we have written a series of articles matching cat breed to design and size of particular cat trees.  Before making a final tree selection you may want to check out these articles to see if we have addressed the needs and wants of your particular breed.  You can get to our archieved newsletters by clicking on the header "Cat Newsletters" in the left hand margin of this page.

 How can I extend the life of the Cat Tree?
     Even though our manufacturers use only the highest quality material, it is possible your cat will wear out part of the Cat Tree after extensive use.  Some products are made in a way that allow you to easily replace just the worn out part.  This protects your investment and allows you to keep the Cat Tree looking its best.  Some top platforms and bottom base units are built so that they screw onto the trunk and can be easily replaced.  Many leaves on the flowered trees are attached to a metal bracket allowing it to be easily replaced.

     Some of our cat scratching posts and the horizontal scratchers allow you to replace the scratching surface.  This is a very economical way of keeping your cat scratching in and on an approved spot.

Can my declawed and older cats climb your tree?
     Many of the cat trees we offer have their platforms or leaves spaced so cats can 'step' between levels and not have to jump.  Consider this spacing feature when selecting a cat tree for a declawed or mature cat.
     Another thing to consider, especially for kittens and older cats who have trouble climbing, is to provide a low level cat bed.  Several models sit on the floor - low enough for your cat to 'step' into - and they contain the same built in comfort features as the larger cat furniture.

Questions of a General Nature

 Do you take phone orders?
     Yes ... in addition to placing an order via the website we will take orders over the phone.  If you wish to place your order via phone please call 616-942-6695 during normal business hours Monday thru Friday.  We are located in the Eastern Time Zone.  We will also be happy to invoice you via PayPal if you would like to keep your credit card number confidential.  Either send us an eMail or give us a call and we will arrange for that option.  

 How will I know if you received my order?
     If you place your order via the website we will send you an email confirmation when we receive your order.  If we have any questions or need clarification you will be contacted via email within 2 business days.

How soon will you ship my order?
      Normally your order is shipped within 10 business days.  Occassionally that time can extend a little longer if an unusualy busy period is experienced.  You will receive an email when your tree ships advising you that it is on the way and giving you the tracking number for the shipment.

How do you ship the products?
     Your cat tree is shipped only via certified carrier like UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, whichever we find to be more economical.  We do reserve the right to change shippers if we find a comparable service for less money - this is a good thing because in the end "you" pay these costs.

What about shipping cost?
     Shipping cost is based on the actual cost of either UPS Ground or FedEx Ground plus the cost of packing materials.

Will you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or outside the U.S.?
     Shipping rates are based on sending a cat tree anywhere in the continental U.S.  Not all manufacturers will ship internationally.  If you will send us an email with the product SKU number and your address we will be happy to let you know if we can ship and what the cost will be.

  Do I have to pay Sales Tax on the item?
     Sales tax only applies to products shipped within the State of Michigan.  But you can expect that to change as soon as they figure out a way to tax all internet sales. 

How can I pay for my order?
     Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, or PayPal are accepted for payment via secured servers – SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  All transactions are encrypted when transmitting certain kinds of information including financial services and/or payment information.

What if I want to exchange the ordered product?
     Any ordered product can be exchanged without cost prior to shipping.  Once the product has shipped you must meet the conditions stated in our Return Policy.

What if I receive a defective or broken product?
     All shipments are fully insured.  If you receive an item with visible damage we ask that you not accept the shipment and to contact us immediately at  or by phone at 616-942-6695.  If the damage is not apparent until after opening the shipment please see our Return Policy.

What if we ship the wrong item?
      You are fully protected.  If we ship the wrong Cat Tree we will expedite the replacement at no additional cost.  The item you received must be returned in its original packaging along with the documentation received in the original order.  Please see our Return Policy for detail.

What if I want to return the ordered product?
     If you want to return the product received you must meet the conditions stated in our Return Policy.


"One cat just leads to another."  -  Ernest Hemingway

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